Melbourne based rapper Subuot Latita (Born 6th May 1997), better known by his stage name – Gs Phantom is an energetic, sauced up and trendy “trapstyle” rapper. Phantom was born and raised in the Republic of South Sudan, better known as ROSS or the ‘Southside’, which he represents proudly in many of his songs. His family later relocated to Australia and more specifically Melbourne (also known as Burn City).

Subuot started rapping as a hobby in the year 2012, where he and friends would cook up fresh remixes to many popular songs at the time. His very first track “Titanic Remix” was recorded using a MacBook and a pair of headphones in 2013. Self-teaching himself, Subuot has learned to master and produce all of his own songs as well as helping out many of his fellow rapper friends.

Under the alias; Gs Phantom (GremSquad Phantom), Subuot joined a rap group known as Gremlns in 2014 with fellow Burncity locals (all mainly residing in the South East of Melbourne, with many from ROSS like Subuot). Gremlns gained high acclaim among Melbourne youths, releasing many hot collaborative songs and hosting events. The group took a hit which slowed down their growing momentum due to issues with management, leading to the group having to stop for a while in order to avoid legal issues with management.

Not long after, the group was back in action with even ‘saucier’ songs and reaching magazines in countries like Germany and the local ‘Thank Guard’, as well as featuring on radio-shows like AUD$.

Since then Subuot has released many more hot tracks like Where (Money) featuring Mango and Prez, Plug, Savages featuring fellow Gremln Kae and his Look At Me remix. He is in collaboration with many famous American dancers on social media who produce covers to his songs available on Instagram and Twitter as well as helping to produce songs for new rappers entering the rap scene in Australia – a tough scene to make it in. Gs Phantom is a growing name however and Subuot hopes to see his career continue to sky rocket.